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No new hardware required use your existing system on our platform.

  • We believe that security is not just about safety and protection, but also peace of mind. Our goal is to provide our customers with a sense of security and confidence, knowing that they are in good hands.

  • We are keen to secure your business and assets in the best possible way. We are the experts in providing the best professional services to our clients. We provide live monitoring and security services to industries in all categories. Our clients include convenience stores, gas stations, warehouses, churches, transportation services, big box retailers, etc.

  • Workplace protection and securing a safe environment are vital in our field. We feel that a workplace should be secured at all times and have live monitoring surveillance to ensure a peace of mind.

  • We deliver hassle free security and live monitoring services to allow you the peace of mind you deserve 24/7 365 days a year.

  • We are one phone call away or a few clicks on our website to become part of our family. We welcome you with open arms.


Live Security Solution

A3rdEye provide One-to-One simple, straight and affordable security solutions, No new hardware required


Live Security Monitoring

Giving services of live monitoring in $2 per hour to our valuable customers in business like junkyard, warehouse etc.


Prevents Crime

We provide the best preventative measures and solutions, with constant monitoring, alerts and 911 call (with given permission)


Guardian Services

Digitally enabled the most authentic and affordable sentinel service providing system

Live Monitoring

With roots established in the field of retail, specializing in pharmaceuticals, the founders have watched the retail pharmacy landscape defined as pharmacies that dispense prescription medication evolve substantially. The sector is broken down into four types of retail pharmacies: retail chains, regional pharmacies such as mass retail and grocers, independent pharmacies, and mail-order. Amongst all of these, one thing remains a constant puzzle. How do you monitor facilities for loss prevention?

With so many factors to take into consideration regarding the health and well- being of clients, the burden of monitoring for loss prevention has been virtually impossible to manage, until now. “How can we tackle the issue of loss prevention to keep our prices low for our clients?” they asked themselves. The establishment of live monitoring, done remotely, is the only solution. Live monitoring allows business owners to have a real person to contact on a live number, around the clock, without any consequences to their clients in terms of a hike in prices on retail items. This solution is the best possible way for business owners to focus on what matters, customer satisfaction and the highest quality standards.

Guardian Services

A3rdEye LLC, a privately held organization with U.S. headquarters in Miami, FL We are the fastest growing provider of live monitoring and security services. We specialize in

Our idea first started with the need of security in mind. One of our partners is a real estate agent and have found that in the Real Estate industry over half of the woman agents feel vulnerable showing properties without protection or someone to accompanied them. We have partnered with licensed and insured security protection companies to ensure that you get the security needed. We feel with the right protection you will perform better at your career, be more confident with your business dealings and make more money.


We Make the world a safer place. Safety and security are universal foundations for a life well-lived and we believe it is our responsibility to leave the world safer than when we found it. We care about people and their safety. It all started when one of our founders was having a conversation about bringing his wife into his real estate business with him. After years of working in the hospitality and tourism management, she was well aware of the vulnerability that comes with being a woman in a fast-paced industry, like real estate. As a former promotional model and brand ambassador, she remembered the days of searching for affordable security to protect her when out in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by unfamiliar people. “It was always a challenge.” she told him. He thought “What if there was an app that prioritized safety and security on demand 24/7? What opportunities would that free up for people all over the world?” The rest is history. Currently working on an international level, A3rdEye is the leader in revolutionizing the world of safety and security monitoring, round the clock.


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John Smith
Grocery Shop Manager

I avail the services of A3rdEye live monitoring and I am much satisfied by there instant response and actions in all security matters of my store. Now I have the peace of mind and relaxation.

Alexa Marry
Property Dealing Office Incharge

I came to know about A3rdEye security techniques and I contracted with them for my three offices in Texas, USA. It’s been 3 months of getting there services and I am 100% satisfied.

Mark Joe
Executive Manager at Mega Heights Office

Getting A3rdEye security services from last 6 months and I am well pleased by there live monitoring system and every service is very affordable and reliable. Recommended!

Emma Waston
CEO at insurance company Office

I get assisted by the professionals of A3rdEye company and gained much benefits and enjoyed the budget friendly live monitoring plan. Really thankful.