Live Monitoring

Live monitoring security system is a type of security system that provides real-time monitoring of your property, such as your home, office, or business. The system uses security cameras and sensors to detect any unusual activity or intrusion.

The types of security measures included in a live monitoring system may include video surveillance, motion detection, Intrusion detection, fire detection, and environmental monitoring, among others. We provide one to one service for each and every clients to work on live monitoring each and every hour.

Yes, most live monitoring service providers offer the customisation of the type of security measures to suit the needs and preferences of their clients.

A3rdeye guarantees "Peace of Mind" with our 24/7, 365 days a year, Live monitoring Service at a very nominal cost of $2 per hour, We provide fastest response for crime prevention and early threat detection along with valid documentation and evidence. Our remote monitoring is designed to enhance your security and quick emergency response.

Yes, the personal information of clients is usually stored securely by service providers utilising advanced security protocols to prevent unauthorised access.

Response times vary depending on the location, size of the security team, and the nature of the security breach or emergency and with given permission we can directly reach to your local police department.

You can renew your services by directly calling us, through our 24/7 on call support, via email or by login into your account from your account Dashboard.

Yes, most live monitoring systems send alerts and notifications via email, text, or phone to the client in case of security breaches or emergencies.

No new hardware required we can use your existing system on our platform.

We can set up your One-to-One services in less than 24 hours.


We are located in Miami, Florida USA. But we service our clients around the world.

Absolutely, all Guardians have been background checked and cleared prior to having any access to our client base.

Visit our website for booking instructions.

Each Guardian will have a profile page that the user will have access to including photo image.

Guardians are trained to dress as civilians to blend in with the crowd. If you would prefer a certain attire please indicate so on the form provided.

Send your resume at

No license is required however, we do provide armed services that do require a license, and everyone is fully background checked.

Each Guardian is fully trained on security measures to protect the customer our clients are able to select a guardian with different levels of experience with a range of pay rates.

You may receive an email survey asking you to rate your guardian’s services

Please see website for billing information.